Email Marketing


Subscribers are 14% more likely to open emails that are segmented, reducing bounce rates by 5%, and unsubscription rates by 10%. Digital Blueprint works with you to segment your database into meaningful customer segments. We also look at other business metrics to determine what the optimal time is to execute, and what message you may want to send to customers.


A great email goes beyond interesting imagery. Effective email marketing campaigns are personalized designs for all devices – desktop, tablet, and mobile. Add a great call-to-action, and we have ourselves an email that’s ready for action.


It’s time to press SEND. All of the blood, sweat and tears (maybe that’s exaggerating) will prove their worth.


As data geeks, this is the super fun stuff. Digital Blueprint does a metrics dive to collect meaningful data points – open rates, click thru rates, and unsubscribes, to name a few.