Search Engine Optimization


of users find new sites through search engines like Google or Yahoo


of users consider sites found through search engines as being the leaders in their field


of online purchases + orders are made on sites found through search engines


of search engine users don't browse the results deeper than the first 2 pages


Digital Blueprint begins every SEO approach with research, and lots of it. A few baseline questions could include:

  1. How visible is your business in organic (non-paid) search engine results?
  2. Can the search engines understand the structure of your website?
  3. Is your website user-friendly?
  4. What are the keywords that are generating traffic to your website?


We want to make sure that when customers are searching online for your product or service, you’re there. But more visits to your website isn’t always better. Audience targeting is all about increasing customer relevance, so every click to your website is more significant to your bottom line.


Let’s circle back to those relevant keywords found in our research. We use these keywords to optimize the HTML elements on each page of your website, and also provide you with suggestions on good, quality content. Having relevant content on your site will ensure the search engines are considering your website as high quality. If you need help with content development, we can assist here as well.


Did you know there are over 200 different factors that contribute to your search rankings? It’s nearly impossible to track all of them, but we work with you to establish what success metrics are important to you.